Quartz Crystals

Discover the Beauty and the Magic

Quartz Crystals


People have been fascinated with quartz crystals since before the dawn of written history.  One of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust, it is found all over the world.  Native peoples and ancient civilizations have admired quartz crystals for their beauty and special properties and have integrated their use into their healing and spiritual practices.  The variety of quartz crystals have also been used by artists and artisans throughout the centuries to produce jewelry and art.  More recently inventors and scientists have discovered and utililized the unique characteristics of quartz to bring us an amazing array of inventions and products.
Quartz is composed of 2 elements; silicon and oxygen.  It’s atomic structure is in a pyramidal framework that most commonly expresses in a 6 sided prism with the long faces always a perfect 60 degree angle. Pure quartz is often transparent and colorless.  There are many different types of quartz crystals that are colored including rose, citrine, amethyst and smokey.
The derivation of the words quartz and crystal are thought to be from the old German and Greek and mean literally “hard ice”.  The Romans had a theory that quartz was actually something like petrified water that had formed in the Earth, and that theory was widely accepted for hundreds of years!

Healing Powers
The healing and metaphysical attributes of quartz crystals have long been claimed.  With the popularity of “energy medicine” at an all time high, it is no wonder that the energetic and vibrational qualities of these natural  gemstones are being explored by many people.  They have a universal quality and are associated with pure white light.  They are said by many to be able to positively affect our vibration and balance our emotions.  This can lead to good health and longevity, as the ancients said.

Psychological Benefits
In addition to the possibility of physical health benefits the subtle energy of the crystals can assist your psychological state.  There are numerous reports of an easing of depression and a lessening of anxiety. The stress reduction aspects of simply wearing a piece of jewelry made from quartz crystal have been often reported.  Is this a placebo effect?  Considering it is safe and low cost, even if it is why not have some quartz crystals nearby?

Metaphysical Properties
On the metaphysical level, quartz crystals are said to be a meditation aid and facilitate spiritual connection.  The high vibration of the quartz can help with getting in touch with our higher wisdom. Some folks feel more empowered and are better able to manifest what they truly want with the help of quartz crystals.

High quality, naturally occurring , attractive quartz crystals can be obtained in a variety of ways. As jewelry, pendant necklaces and pendulums are popular and keep your crystal close to your heart. Crystal points are sold individually and in sets and you can just carry in your pocket or display at home.  You can even buy by the pound or in bulk and create your own masterpieces if you like.
The information in this article is really just the tip of the “hard ice”berg.  We invite you to explore the beauty and the magic of quartz crystals further!